When time, Quality and Safety counts, We have your solution

Sheetmetal Manufacture

  • Subduct
  • Round duct
  • Square duct


  • Ductwork
  • Equipment
  • Seismic
  • Fire Dampers


  • Pressure testing
  • Exposed Ductwork
  • Quantity Surveyor

Revit Model


Always one step forward we preassemble spools and runs of ductwork in the workshop. Then it gets to site just to be installed. No need of benches, space and special tools on site to be manufactured.

  • Ductwork
  • Equipment
  • Ancillaries


We always look for the best way to improve our processes and save time and money at the same time to our clients. Based on the sites conditions we are able to build and prefabricate systems out of site and integrate them with the workflow specially in large projects. Efficiency and time is an important matter for us.


Blue Bangers

Trimble Services

With this technology, we place the blue bangers based on the positioning of the hangers on the model to then after the concrete is placed and dry we just come and put the rods in. Not drilling and no extra anchors needed.

Hanger positioning

Trimble Services

Our productivity is important. Hence why we mark up either floor or ceiling to position the supports prior installation of the ductwork. Saving time and rocketing the job progress.

General Trimble Services

We provide general Trimble services to any different trades that need exact position of pipes, cables, supports, precise measurements on site, etc.